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White Bridle’s program has moved to Keller, Texas and will begin our summer session the week of June 9, 2014.   Please download an application, medical release form and liability release form for the program if you wish to sign up for the summer session. WBS Application for Therapeutic Program.doc, Medical Release Form WBT.pdf
and WBS Liability Release Form - 2014.pdf

We’re looking for additional volunteers in the Keller area.

Most of our volunteers are community-minded educators or teens looking for volunteer hours doing fun and rewarding        work with children.

If this sounds like the kind of service that interests you, please download and return these forms:  Volunteer Form copy.pdf      WBS Liability Release Form - 2014.pdfHome-WBS_files/WBS%20Application%20for%20Therapeutic%20Program.docHome-WBS_files/WBS%20Application%20for%20Therapeutic%20Program.docHome-WBS_files/WBS%20Application%20for%20Therapeutic%20Program.docHome-WBS_files/Medical%20Release%20Form%20WBT.pdfHome-WBS_files/Medical%20Release%20Form%20WBT.pdfHome-WBS_files/WBS%20Liability%20Release%20Form%20copy%20copy%20copy%20copy.pdfHome-WBS_files/WBS%20Liability%20Release%20Form%20copy%20copy%20copy%20copy.pdfHome-WBS_files/Volunteer%20Form%20copy.pdfHome-WBS_files/WBS%20Liability%20Release%20Form%20copy%20copy%20copy%20copy_1.pdfHome-WBS_files/WBS%20Liability%20Release%20Form%20copy%20copy%20copy%20copy_1.pdfTestimonials.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2shapeimage_8_link_3shapeimage_8_link_4shapeimage_8_link_5shapeimage_8_link_6shapeimage_8_link_7shapeimage_8_link_8shapeimage_8_link_9

Events and Media

White Bridle incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2007 when we began rescuing/acquiring and training large and miniature horses with the intention of using them in programs to serve our community.

In 2009, we launched our miniature horse program for special needs children - primarily children with autism - through a grant from the Dallas chapter of The Autism Society of America. 

This program is very effective in helping children improve their ability to function, and it serves many children who live below the poverty level.

We provided a mobile program through a partnership with Grand Prairie Parks and Recreation from 2010 to 2013 and hope to resume this program in 2015 after we’ve acquired additional equipment to support this program.

In 2013, we moved to a ranch leased by Mustard Seeds Therapy, Inc. in Roanoke and provided a program for their clientele until they moved from that location.

In 2014 we moved to Keller and opened our own facility at a local stable where we’re launching therapeutic riding, driving, and horsemanship programs for the summer of 2014.

In the fall of 2014, we’ll begin providing an equine assisted speech therapy program and search for a permanent location of our own.

We presently have 9 miniature horses for driving and horsemanship skills.  We have 6 large horses and ponies that drive, ride and/or use for horsemanship skills.


White Bridle Therapy

660 Keller Smithfield Rd. Keller, Texas 76248          972.740.0900

White Bridle’s mission is to serve our community with equine-assisted programs that enable people to live happier, more productive and rewarding lives. 

We achieve this mission by serving children with autism and other developmental delays in a program incorporating miniature horses and riding ponies.

We use the minis for cart driving and horsemanship skills and our ponies for riding.  Additionally, we  provide other therapeutic activities. Our goal is to help children “wake up their brains” to improve: their cognitive function; their communication skills; and their ability to interact with others.

White Bridle is a nonprofit corporation that receives a major portion of our support through donations.  Your donations help us provide a valuable therapeutic program to people who don’t have the means to pay for services that their children need; and our ability to serve that community is directly tied to the amount of donations that we receive.

Donations are the lifeblood of our organization;and we appreciate every donation - large or small - so please consider making a single donation or a monthly donation through Paypal to keep our programs vibrant.


Brief History

Event DatesHome-WBS_files/Brain%20Worx%20Flyer-1.pdf

A few words from Sheree J. Wilson, President of White Bridle:

The passing of Larry Hagman has had such an enormous effect on me, it has left me speechless and breathless.  He was my Dear Friend, my Confidant, my Mentor.  No other man will ever have as enormous impact on the entertainment world as Larry as been.  He was everything to everyone.  He was a wonderful father, a devoted husband, an extraordinary brilliant comedian, an astute business man, a philanthropist, Honorary Chairman of The White Bridle Society, a therapeutic program for children with autism, the best friend you could ask for, and the most loved "Villain" that ever set foot on this earth.  No other can fill the footprint he has left. I ask for your love, support and your prayers as we deal with the loss of such a tremendous man, my dear friend Larry Hagman.

Tribute to Larry Hagman:

On November 15, 2012 Larry Hagman made the last public appearance before his death at White Bridle Society’s Wine and Roses fundraiser at the home of Lisa Blue Baron.  Photographed with Larry are: Sheree J. Wilson (White Bridle’s President), Nikki Solomon (co-owner of Rich Hippie), and the radiant, Linda Gray.

Lisa Blue Baron (to the left) and Larry Hagman were the Title  Sponsors of White Bridle’s event; and Larry was the Honorary Chair.  In this photo, Larry presents Sheree a check from his foundation to support White Bridle’s program for children with autism.

Here are a few of our favorite photos of the evening:

Crystal and Savannah Marten with Larry Hagman.  Savannah is a 15 year old volunteer who received an award from White Bridle at this event for 4 years and over 1000 hours of service to White Bridle.

Larry with cutting cowboys: Punk Carter (left) and Nick Wilson (right).

Larry with Marsa Hightower, Alessandra, Caroline and Nathalie Baron.

Amy Simmons, Chair, with Larry, Honorary Chair, and Lisa Dean.

Lisa, Linda and Amy.

“J.R.’s Silver Treasure”

In memory of Larry Hagman, we’ve trained Silver (renamed “J.R.’s Silver Treasure) for cart driving  as a single and in a pair with Star for our therapeutic program.  Silver and Star, move in unison and are lovely together.  They’ll make a lovely pair when their training is complete.   

Larry’s memory will live on with our program through the work that Silver provides our very special children.  We love you, Larry.

Therapeutic Program